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Our Mission


Animal Welfare 

Egypt was a proud dog mom of her beloved Ruby, and truly loved almost any animal she encountered. We are continuing help to impact animals in a positive way. 


This year we have donated to Dragonfly Resources and Rescues; a Michigan based animal rescue that has a mission of protecting the well being of all animals. 

Music Celebration 

Yearly we donate to Belleville High school in the form of the Egypt Covington Music Celebration Scholarship; which is awarded to a student 9th-12th grade at the high school to help with college tuiton, or any costs that may be incurred in their musical career during Highschool.


Helping Domestic Abuse Survivors 

Egypt was the friend you called when you were in need, and a strong advocate for women. At the time of Egypt's death she was a domestic abuse survivor and because of this we continue to helping others survive as well. 


In 2018 we have donated to Ann Arbor based Safe House Center who provides support for those impacted by domestic abuse or sexual assault.

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